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COVID-19 Update

Roots Southern Salon developed these guidelines to promote workplace safety in regards to the recent COVID-19 outbreak.  These guidelines are derived from Governor Kemps Executive Order from 4/20/2020.  These guidelines will be updated on an as needed basis.


  1. Feeling Sick – If you are feeling sick or under the weather you are not permitted to be on the premises.  Please call and get your appointment rescheduled.
  2. At Risk Age Group – While we want to serve everyone that needs an appointment, we also understand that some age groups are at a much higher risk than other age groups.  In Georgia over 80% of the deaths have been from Georgians over the age of 60.  If you are 60+, please notify us and we will attempt to accommodate you, but we cannot guarantee an appointment for you at this time.
  3. Individually – We are requiring that guests come to their appointments alone.  If you are unable to come alone, please let us know and we will let you know if your request can be accomodated.  If not, we will try to schedule your appointment when you can come alone if possible.  This will help limit the amount of individuals in the salon at one time.
  4. Waiting Room – Guests are required to wait in their vehicle until their appointment time upon arrival.  You also have the option to wait in the park outside until your appointment time.  Please enter the building within 5 minutes of your scheduled appointment time.
  5. Temperatures – We will be taking temperatures upon entry using a no-touch digital thermometer.  
  6. PPE – All Guests are asked to wear masks while inside the building.  If you have your own, please bring it.  We will have disposable masks as they become available. Gloves from the outside are not permitted inside of the salon.  We request that you remove your gloves and ask that you perform proper hand washing techniques.  If you need disposable gloves while you are inside the salon, we will have them available for you.
  7. Personal Property – Please limit the amount of personal property that you bring into the salon.  Travel with the minimum required necessities. Please disinfect all personal devices that you will be bringing into the salon.  We will have disinfecting wipes available. 
  8. Be On Time – It is imperative that you arrive for your appointment on-time so that we can insure the safety of our clients and guests.  We cannot guarantee your appointment if you are over 5 minutes late.